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What Makes SummerMaine Real Estate Different? 

Buying and Selling Real Estate in Midcoast Maine isn’t a cookie-cutter process – that’s why is it of the utmost importance to work with a Broker that has deep, personal and professional knowledge of the area as well as a vested interest in finding you just the right spot.

You need and want a liaison who knows how Camden is different from Port Clyde or why Spruce Head Island might be a better fit than Rockland.

Each town, city, village, and hamlet has its own personality, seasonality, history, feeling and micro-community that fits into the larger Midcoast area. Waterfront varies greatly here thanks to the many coves, harbors, inlets and rivers that make up the stunning landscape that you want to call home; it is important to have someone who knows the difference between tidal waterfront versus open ocean, a right of way to the water and how that is significantly different from owned waterfront.

Some communities become more sleepy in the winter months while others maintain a vibrant scene all year long – this matters when deciding where to buy a home in the Midcoast. That’s where we come in; we know Midcoast Maine like the back of our hands. 

And we just so happen to be up on all the nuances that will make a difference in ho>w you will live, play and work here.

And day after day, season after season our Brokers and Agents are guided by a well-developed sense of integrity, professionalism and a real desire to do right by our Clients.  

We are boutique by design – a carefully curated team of smart, savvy, friendly and strategic Realtors who are uniquely qualified to help our clients with projects of any size.

Buying Mid Coast Maine Real Estate

We don’t blame you for wanting to grab a little piece of Midcoast Maine for yourself; this area is unique and desirable for all the things it is and all the things it isn’t. We are all Maine natives and each of us left for a time, returning for the quality of life you can only find here. We know why you want to buy a house in Midcoast Maine…it’s the very same reason we live here too!

We also understand that there are all sorts of different kinds of buyers, all with different ideas how they want to live here. Whether you are looking to raise a family here, work remotely from a larger city, retire or have a second home here, we are positioned to help thanks to a team of Realtors whose expertise in representing Buyers comes from over 40 years of combined experience and hundreds of successful transactions.  We have our fingers on the pulse of the Midcoast Market and will guide you through the process, giving you sound, reliable and financially responsible advice. 

In addition, our 14 years of experience in the rental space through our SummerMaine Vacation Rental Division, can come in handy if renting your new home seasonally or year-round can help make your dream more financially viable. We can help identify properties and areas that are vibrant rental communities and we are always ready to prepare a financial plan to determine the income your new home could produce.

Through SummerMaine Vacation Rentals, we often have inside knowledge of properties that may be for sale privately and could be just what you are looking for. Often these are properties we have rented and have solid and demonstrable rental income. And frequently, these are waterfront homes that have been passed down from generation to generation making them even more special in their location and personality. Please always feel free to ask about properties in our rental inventory that are available for sale. 

Selling Mid Coast Maine Real Estate

When the time comes that plans take you away from Maine and you are ready to market your property for sale, our Brokers and Agents are ready to help make sense of this often complex process. 

Thanks to our years of experience marketing and selling homes in Midcoast Maine and our deep knowledge of the local area and market trends, we are well versed and poised to present your home is the best possible light.  Our approach is accountable and transparent.  We utilize modern and sophisticated techniques and tools that enable us to be responsive to inquiries & leads and inform us continuously about who our audience is.  We make sure that we are exposing your property to buyers looking for a home exactly like yours. 

As a Seller client of SummerMaine, you gain access to our vast database of over 10,000 buyers, sellers, renters and property owners who have become our clients and customers over the last 15 years.  Every listing we have is shared with these highly qualified leads.  You never know where the right buyer for your home is going to come from but often they are someone who has been visiting, living in or watching your local market for years.  We utilize email blasts, social media posts and online marketing tools to help expose your listing to the world and local market alike.

We professionally photograph all of our listings in order to capture the absolute beauty of your cherished home.  We also utilize a system called Matterport that allows us to create an amazing virtual tour of your property that can be viewed online from anywhere in the world.  It truly brings the property to life for anyone who is searching from away – which is very often the case.  In fact, SummerMaine is one of the only agencies in the Midcaost market to utilize this amazing tool.

Unlike many other local agencies, SummerMaine covers the costs of our marketing, photography, Matterport and any other materials we utilize to sell your home for the highest price possible.  You won't see a “marketing fee” on our closing statements like some of the larger agencies and we share commissions equally with all area agencies in order to achieve the most collaborative and fair working relationship possible with our industry peers – another increasingly uncommon practice.

Above it all, SummerMaine's agents understand the financial and emotional drivers that impact one of the most important decisions in one's life – to sell a piece of real estate.  Whether your property is an investment, a family home passed down through generations or the house you raised your children in, we get that it's uniquely important to you.  That's why we listen – a lot - and try to put the same effort into making your home sale as smooth and stress free as it can possibly be. 

If you're considering selling your investment property, vacation home or primary residence, have a conversation with us.  Let us show you what makes us different – what makes us the best.