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Whether you're looking for fine dining or a Lobster Shack, Maine Coast is home to a diverse and delicious variety of dining options. Get some of the freshest seafood you'll ever try and catch stunning oceanfront views at some of the top restaurants in Maine. 

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(207) 594-5688

Known to the locals as Second Read, this hip coffee and book store combo has a cool and relaxed vibe. An awesome place to enjoy tea with a good book or just have lunch, this is a chill environment that is worth a visit. It is located on Main Street in Rockland.

(207) 372-6479

If you are in the Port Clyde area, Village Ice Cream on top of the hill in the center of the village is a cute spot with delicious ice cream. Feel free to take your ice cream down to the dock and walk along the water.

(207) 390-0121

Dessert. Now we`re talking. Located directly across from The Hampton Inn in Thomaston, this is the local hot spot. Since Dormans opened in 1951 it`s been serving delicious ice cream (soft and hard serve), milkshakes, nor`easters and sundaes.