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Outdoor Recreation

Your best options for seeing a whale will be in either Boothbay Harbor (45 minute to hour Drift Inn Beach drive) or Bar Harbor (about 2 hour + drive depending on traffic). Take a trip around either of these two harbors and keep your fingers crossed you'll spot these amazing mammals.

Boothbay Whale Watch

Schedule, fees and reservation information can be found at or by calling

Location: Boothbay, ME

Phone: 207-633-3500.

Toll Free: 1-888-942-5363

Schooner Olad

Email: Contact: Aaron Lincoln, Captain

Location: Camden, ME

Phone: 207-236-2323 or 207-236-2323

Schooner Timberwind Cruises, Inc


Email: Contact: Captain Robert Tassi, Dawn Tassi

Location:Rockport, ME

Phone: 207-236-0801

Toll Free: 800-759-9250

Monhegan Boat Line

Looking for something to do? How about go to Monhegan Island! You'll see the Marshall Point lighthouse, pine-clad islands, many bird varieties including puffins, and sometimes porpoises and small whales along the way. Once on Monhegan you'll immediately fall in love with the small fishing village and breathtaking views. Monhegan beckons to nature lovers, photographers, artists, writers, poets and every traveler in search of a truly unspoiled hideaway. Whether you stay for a few nights at one of the inns or guest houses or just a day, you will feel you have stepped back in time a hundred years. Monhegan Boat Line also offers awesome puffin/nature cruises, a special lighthouse cruise, a scenic sunset cruises and charters.

Location: 880 Port Clyde Road, Port Clyde, ME 04855

Phone: (207) 372-8848