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Outdoor Recreation

People come to SummerMaine for many reasons-a chance to unwind and get away from it all, to begin new family traditions or honor old ones , to help us reconnect with a simpler time, or to just explore a new part of our world. This special nook of the Maine coast is unique in that it offers people a chance to keep in touch with the creature comforts of today while allowing a necessary connection to the things that really matter. Our coastal peninsulas provide this very connection while remaining just within reach of all that Rockland and Camden centers provide for arts, culture and entertainment. We wouldn't say our peninsulas are "off the grid." Visiting SummerMaine homes on the Saint George and Cushing peninsulas provide you with an amazing opportunity to be within an easy drive of the conveniences of Penobscot Bay's town centers. And your experiences of lingering on country roads, finding hidden beaches and sleepy coastal villages, lupine fields, road-side farm stands and working waterfronts are unmatched. Surrounded by water on three sides, the Saint George and Cushing peninsulas are as good as country coastal living gets. Lie in a field with the sun on your face and a seabreeze in your hair before you head "up to town" for a four star dining experience. Buy your breakfast fruits and dinner veggies from a local farmer. Take it all in. A peninsula vacation is not one you will soon forget...